AdmiralBet Aids Playtech To Expand Poker Footprint In Italy

AdmiralBet Aids Playtech To Expand Poker Footprint In Italy

AdmiralBet and Playtech’s second agreement in recent weeks aimed at boosting the company’s online poker platform‘s footprint in the Italian market, and together, they continue to extend their iPoker network

This comes shortly after a similar agreement was made public with Lottoland, and it is evident that Playtech has faith in the future growth of Poker in Europe and Italy.

Playtech is actively working to create a sustainable Poker ecosystem that gives Poker lovers in the country a chance to play together and compete for more extensive and more lucrative prize pools in this highly regulated market. However, Playtech has not shied away from the harsh advertisement regulations in this nation.

Paolo Marchi, the Managing Director of AdmiralBet, welcomed the chance and its consequences for the brand and the Italian poker scene.

He stated: Playtech was an apparent option as our new network supplier because it is a global leader in the gambling sector and has an unmatched track record of success in Poker- Paolo Marchi, the Managing Director of AdmiralBet.

Marchi discussed AdmiralBet’s absolute dedication to Poker and the dynamic developments in the Poker ecosystem over the past year. But now, brands may unite and create a solid vertical with Playtech and its iPoker solution.

Marat Koss, Playtech’s VP of Interactive Gaming, also expressed his appreciation for the news, saying that the acquisition of AdmiralBet was a significant step forward for everyone in the industry.

In Koss’s opinion: The Poker industry has undergone significant transformation over the past several years. While there have undoubtedly been difficulties along the way, Playtech has kept investing in improving our Poker product and growing our network- VP of Interactive Gaming at Playtech, Marat Koss.

Koss continued, “AdmiralBet is a recognized leader in Italy, and the company is thrilled to have the juncture to collaborate on enhancing the current Poker environment. 

Playtech’s operating results have experienced significant growth, enabling it to concentrate more actively and holistically on its whole product.

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