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Review of Playtech’s Game Perfect Blackjack 2022 | Play Demo

If you’re a fan of the classic game of blackjack, you’ll love Perfect Blackjack by Playtech. This variation of the game offers players some additional features that make it even more fun to play. Read through this Perfect Blackjack review to know more about this awesome game.

Since Playtech is one of the largest providers of online gaming and sports betting software, you can trust that the game is fair and well-made.

This game supports side bets with an attractive and refined gaming experience. Perfect Blackjack is played with six decks; you can bet on up to 5 different hands simultaneously.

Perfect Blackjack By Playtech review
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What is Perfect Blackjack?

Six decks are used to play this blackjack variant, and most rules are identical to conventional blackjack.

However, one of the biggest benefits of this blackjack variation is that it gives players a variety of potential side bets on various card combinations, which they may use to spice up and diversify their betting sessions.

It won’t take long to realize the arrangement of the game and how much it resembles the tables in Las Vegas casinos because of the brilliantly crafted blackjack variation made by Playtech.

The developers have smartly added great features that allow players to alter the game as per their preferences. For example, you have the ability to alter the felt colour of the table and are given the choice of various colors, including red, purple, dark grey, blue, and orange.

People who bet with real money will profit from the History feature, which includes outcomes from hands already played.

It contains many features that are unavailable in many online blackjack tables. In addition, both the newcomers and seasoned players will enjoy a good blackjack experience.

At a Glance

Blackjack pays
3 to 2
Special Feature
99.30% RTP
Bet Limits
£0.20 – £400
Called Bets
Voisins, Tiers, Orphelins,Jeu 0, Finales
Fast Play
Auto Play

The Best Perfect Blackjack Online Casinos

This Perfect Blackjack review lists some online casinos where you can play Perfect Blackjack. You can choose the casino which you feel is the best.

The Best Perfect Blackjack Online Casinos

Casino Welcome Bonus Payout percentage Payout Speed
LeoVegas Casino C$1000+200 free spins 96% 1 to 5 days
N1 Casino Up to C$2000 96.5% 1 to 5 days
Spin Palace Casino C$1000 97.43% 1 to 2 days
Oshi Casino 100% bonus up to 100 EUR + free spin 93 to 98% 1 to 3 days
WinSpinBet C$500 free with no deposit * *

Features of Perfect Blackjack By Playtech

Here are some distinct features of Perfect Blackjack by Playtech.

Rules Similar To Las Vegas Strip

One of the key features of Perfect Blackjack is that the rules of the game are quite similar to the conventional blackjack. The dealer must draw 16 and stands on all totals of 17. The alternative provides the typical 3 to 2 payment for naturals.

Insurance pays 2 to 1, and the additional rules are likewise quite generous to players. This game also has a feature which shows a message on the screen that warns players when they have a total of 17 or more to prevent them from unintentionally spoiling a good hand.

The drawback of this Blackjack is that already divided pairings cannot be re-split. Players bold enough to build a ten-card Charlie are also rewarded in the game.

If you manage to draw ten cards without going broke, your hand is guaranteed to win with this blackjack trick. The dealer flipping a blackjack is the only way a ten-card Charlie can lose.

Side Bets

According to our Perfect Blackjack review, you can experiment with various side bets if you want to make the blackjack session more interesting. You get an option to bet on whether the first two cards of dealers and your cards would make a pair.

When this occurs, the payments you receive are mostly determined by the kind of pair you have made.

Customize Away

When talking about the setting and overall feel of the game, there are various options at your service to customize the game to your preferences. If you want to speed up the game, then go to the options menu and choose Fast Play.

In addition, you can also mute or enable the sounds you want to hear while playing, or you can just change the table’s colour using the paintbrush in the top left corner.

On top of that, Perfect Blackjack also includes various features to make your gaming experience more convenient.

What Are The Rules And Payout of Perfect Blackjack?

Here in this part of the Perfect Blackjack review, let’s discuss the rules and payout of the game.

In Perfect Blackjack, the main goal is to build a hand value that is closest to or equal to 21 while staying under that limit. If not, it would be considered a bust.

Additionally, many different chip denominations are available to you, ranging from a low €1, which can be increased to a max of £300.

After placing the chips, you will be given two initial face-up cards, and the dealer will show one face-up and one face-down card.

During the play, you either hit, meaning that you want an additional card, or you can stand, meaning you want to stick to the cards you have.

Other options are Split, which can only be done if you have two identical cards, and Double Down, which means you only want one more card to be dealt.

Our Perfect Blackjack review found that the payout percentage of Perfect Blackjack is 99.3%. This means that the chance of you winning a round is approximately 50:50.

Perfect Blackjack Advantages and Disadvantages

No game is complete in its entirety without having some drawbacks. This part of the Perfect Blackjack review discusses the game’s disadvantages and advantages.

Perfect Blackjack Advantages and Disadvantages


  • The RTP is very high, which means a higher chance of winning.
  • This game features an engaging design
  • You can bet multiple side bets


  • In perfect blackjack, the divide pairing cannot be further split.


The Perfect Blackjack by Playtech is a good representation of the classic variation you might have played. Our Perfect Blackjack review didn’t find many flaws with his game.

The gaming experience is quite smooth, and the bonus side bet is not something you want to miss. We can definitely recommend this game to players. Along with this, we also want to recommend WinSpinBet in the Perfect Blackjack review.

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The payout percentage of Perfect Blackjack is 99.3%.

In Perfect Blackjack, six decks are used. 

Side Bets are the additional bets that are placed in the standard blackjack game. 

No, you cannot split the already split cards.

Here are some of the features of perfect Blackjack

  • You can use side bets to make things interesting.
  • You can bet on five different hands at the same time.
  • Within this game, you can change settings to make it more to your taste.
  • If you wish to speed up the game, you can choose the “Fast Play” option.

If you wish to make constant money while playing it, you must play perfectly every time. Read the Blackjack review to understand if this game suits your gambling appetite.

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