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Germany has allowed GGPoker to offer online gambling!

Germany has allowed GGPoker to offer online gambling!

GGPoker, the world’s largest poker site, has been granted permission to operate online gambling in Germany. The State Administration Office of Saxony-Anhalt, a body that currently issues licenses to operators, has granted the NSUS-owned company a five-year license to conduct poker.

Due to its innovative approach to poker, GGPoker, which has been engaged in the global Poker and iGaming sectors since 2017, has risen to become the world’s largest poker room. Furthermore, as an official sponsor of the WSOP Las Vegas, GGPoker has a direct link to the international poker scene.

While Germany is recognized for its rigorous restrictions, it also has one of Europe’s most significant betting markets, making it an attractive location for numerous gambling enterprises. GGPoker, which has been providing online gaming and poker for the past five years, wishes to enter this attractive industry and engage local customers with interesting poker games and tournaments.

Rush & Catch poker, Flip & Go, Spin & Gold,  All-In or Fold, Battle Royale, GGCare and GGCheers, and various other games are available to poker room users.

GGPoker has established itself as the premier poker room due to its dedication to the game and its links to the global poker scene. GGPoker, for example, is the sponsor of the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas, which allows it to provide pro players with numerous prospects for advancement. In addition, two years ago, GGPoker hosted the primary WSOP online tournament as well as the WSOP 2020 Main Event.

According to Gambling Insider, Sven Stiel of NSUS Germany applauded the German authorities for their collaborative approach, noting that his staff is glad to collaborate with them. Stiel is looking forward to engaging German clients with poker services that are both creative and of high quality while also being secure and providing excellent customer protection.

GGPoker’s material will also be legally backed due to the license, giving users peace of mind when playing with the company. Stiel states this is a “decisive step” in upgrading Germany’s iGaming business.

Customers in the province of Canada can now participate in a number of competitive and recreational poker forms. In addition, GGPoker allowed existing players to transfer their accounts to the Canada-focused site.

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