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Blackjack has been a highly sought-after game in casinos since its inspection, and its popularity has only increased with its entry into the online gambling market.

What’s appealing to me in Blackjack is its combination of luck, skill and the risk factor involved in collecting wins, and it graces the library of several well-known online casino software developers, such as Play’n Go. One of the most well-liked game types made by this company is Single Deck Blackjack, which can be found at online casinos.

Single Deck Blackjack by Play'n GO
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What is Single Deck Blackjack by Play’n GO?

So, what is Single Deck Blackjack? As its name suggests, Single Deck Black is a genre of Blackjack that uses just one deck of cards in the shoe rather than shuffling several together to place in the shoe.

As an experienced player, I favour single-deck versions of Blackjack; the reason for my preference is simple.

“The fewer cards are in play, the higher your chances are of scoring a natural.” 

Play’n GO’s Single Deck Blackjack has superb visuals and top-notch animations! Combining this attribute with other player-friendly rules, the resulting house edge is among the lowest gambling genres.

What is Single Deck Blackjack by Play’n GO

The RTP stands at 98.76% for Single Deck Blackjack, assuming you play perfectly. Dealers always stand when they have 17 or higher. The presence of a single deck is already a significant change. As a result, this Play’n Go release has no active side bets. You can play 3 positions at the same time. Each hand is played separately from the other. This game also gives us access to late surrender, which I rarely see on online blackjack tables!

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So, what are the best online casinos providing Single Deck Blackjack?

I have listed below the features of the top-rated online casinos to play Single Deck Blackjack by Play’n GO, and some offer Single Deck Blackjack online for free.

Casinos like WinSpinBet offer you an impressive Welcome Bonus of $500 with no deposit.

Choose your favourite and start winning some money!

Casinos Payout Percentage Payout Timing No of Games
Betway Casino 96.7% 1-2 days 630+
Leo Vegas 97.63% 2-5 days 1600+
Oshi Casino 95.5% 1-3 days 2000+
Platinum Play 95.85% 2-3 days 600
WinSpinBet - - 100+

What are the Rules, RTP and Payouts of Single Deck Blackjack by Play’n GO?

What are the Rules, RTP and Payouts of Single Deck Blackjack by Play'n GO

Worried about Rules, RTP and Payouts? Hush! Don’t remain in a dilemma. I am here to help you with my experiences with Single Deck Blackjack by Play’n GO. Read Through!


Don’t worry if you are new and need some help regarding Single Deck Blackjack by Play’n GO. I am here to help you through this with my first-hand experience and step-by-step guidelines to get you going.

Before that….

Can you play Single Deck Blackjack by Play’n GO on mobile?

The tips I am sharing are valid for both mobile and desktop versions.

So just gear up, and let’s begin!

  • After the loading screen vanishes, locate and select a playing chip from the bottom right corner. Your pick will levitate above the other tokens.
  • Now that you’ve selected it, place it on one of the three circles in front of you. The usual betting range for this game is between $1 and $100.
  • Fill the remaining circles to play Single Deck Blackjack in multi-hand mode. If you are a new player, Keep these adventures in the demo, as it is a risky move.
  • Once ready, click “Deal.” Every button, including Hit, Stand, and others, will show up in the transparent region. However, some of them will only be usable If the situation allows it (for example, you can’t always split).

That’s pretty much it. The only other area of interest is in the screen’s bottom-left corner. The icons are for toggling sounds, fast playing on/off, and accessing a help screen.


Single Deck Blackjack relies entirely on its primary bets to deliver strong wins because no side bets are offered. The best of the bunch is Blackjack, which offers a 3:2 payout for a win. Considering how uncommon it is, be sure to enjoy it!

In this game, I have found that standard wins pay 1:1 while Insurance bets pay 2:1. However, since your chances of winning are far lower than the award, I don’t recommend playing Insurance.


The rest of the payouts are standard; a routine win pays even money, while Insurance — 2:1. These aspects translate to a Single Deck Blackjack RTP of 98.74%.

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What are the Features of Single Deck Blackjack?

The game is exciting and comes with unique themes, graphics, paylines and incredible bonuses. Get ready to uncover the awesome feature of Single Deck Blackjack by Play’n GO!

Themes and Graphics

Play’n Go has ensured that players get the best gaming experience, which is reflected in Single Deck Blackjack.

Although it’s a Blackjack variant, players can bet on multiple hands in this game.

The game is on a green table with the command bar at the bottom of the screen, allowing players to easily control the game. There is also a lovely voice which will guide you through the game, WinkWink!!

On the other hand, the graphics are rendered superbly, allowing players to load and play the game with ease. An amazing thing I found is this game can be enjoyed without downloading any software, as it can be directly accessed from your web browser.


Despite the fact that Single Deck Blackjack has an entertaining base game, I notice that no special additional features have been incorporated. This does not mean that Single Deck Blackjack will fall short of excitement and fun, as it contains many gaming components that will aid you in completing the game.

The deal button is the first button in the Single Deck Blackjack, which allows playing the game by dealing cards. You can place the same bet as the previous gaming round by pressing the reset button. This button automates the betting process’s simplification instead of manually performing everything.

Other elements in the Single Deck Blackjack game include the stand button, which prevents the dealer from handing you an extra card if you are satisfied with your hand.

Finally, The split button will allow you to split two cards with identical values. After the two cards are dealt, you can choose to quit the game; in this case, you forfeit your hand and lose half of your bet.

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What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Single Deck Blackjack?

All the gaming casino and their games have both advantages and disadvantages. Likewise,  Single Deck Blackjack also has two sides, which are listed below.

Advantages of Single Deck Blackjack

  • Gorgeous visuals
  • Addition of Late Surrender
  • Played with a single deck
  • Can play three hands at once

Disadvantages of Single Deck Blackjack

  • Blackjack pays 6:5
  • No actual advantage gained by using a single deck

Overall Review regarding Single Deck Blackjack by Play’n GO

I found Single Deck Blackjack really good, but somehow I feel it could have been better. Look, its sub-optimal payout for natural 21s can be a deal-breaker, so I wouldn’t hold it against you if you’re not charmed.

On the other side, I can confidently say that Play’n GO’s Single Deck Blackjack graphics are the best in the market. You might consider the higher house edge as the extra price demanded by excellence.

Single Deck Blackjack by Play’n GO is compatible with phone devices powered by Android. The game is accessible in a no-download mode on smartphones and tablets.

And since you have read the awesome article, now check out an awesome casino,  WinSpinBet. Like Single Deck Blackjack by Play’n Go, its graphics are also the best in the market, and when coupled with the generous bonus of $500 that too without any deposit, makes it an interesting pick for online gamblers.

Due to its lower house advantage, wagerers have a high chance of winning in Single Deck Blackjack. 

Yes! You can record high winnings. Single Deck Blackjack is one of the few casino games that allow players to beat the house. 

Single Deck Blackjack has unique advantages like special themes, graphics, and bonuses with an RTP of  98.74%. 

Single Deck Online Casino offers the best odds in Canada. The house edge stands at just 0.13%. 

Blackjack dealers use mental math during the game, giving them an edge in computing the earnings of the winning customers. 

If you are satisfied with your hand, you can press use stand option to stop the dealer from dealing you another card.

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